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Un Marido Mexicano
Fabiola Carranza


—And another thing, please don’t misun- derstand me, but she really doesn’t like to talk about work before dinner, you will remember that, won’t you? I’ve always avoided talking to her then, maybe too, avoid talking to her about any of this? —No. I don’t want to discuss it now either, my bus leaves soon and I haven’t finished packing. —Look a er her. Her spending might get especially bad. It does when she’s sad. Just remind her. And watch for her online spending too. She ordered this fancy coat recently, which seems a little much, the weather being so mild in these parts! Take care that her room is well venti- lated. That’ll help her asthma. I usually run the hu- midifier first thing in the morning but only for an hour or so.—Yes. We always sleep with the window slightly ajar. She likes to hear the cicadas at night, says it helps her sleep. —I don’t believe she should “become inured” to it, but now I must stop. If there is some financial trouble you can always bring whatever paintings are le in there to my gallerist, she’ll find someone to buy them. I’m sure and they’re likely to be worth more.
One lot listens and the other lot holds it’s tongue. God! I should hold my tongue too. If I loved you, I’d hold my fucking tongue. I love you, really. Lengua suelta and all I am. Give me those swim trunks! Those have some sex appeal and I’ll need them for that.
I’m twenty-six, that’s not old for a man, but I can’t experiment for much longer, all this online scrolling le and right. It’s garbage —Bah! Don’t say you’ll send money, you know you can’t. Money is no good to me. You shouldn’t act as if it were four weeks that I’m going for. This business doesn’t last four weeks.You know it. I know it. So don’t say, “Well, it’s only a couple of weeks, its only while we sort your documents out,” as you hand me my clothes and stand before the door. You hand me thing a er thing I won’t ever need, stupid stuff, like this fucking fishing rod instead of offering to have me marry you.

Let’s not talk about misfortune. Let’s talk about shame. Oh Olivia! Pena, pena me das, y me das asco.

*Excerpt from The Mexican Husband, a screenplay by Fabiola Carranza.