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Currently curating: Octava Bienal Miradas
At Human Resources LA


Rosalee Bernabe, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Juan Caloca, Christian Camacho, Paloma Contreras Lomas, El Pelele, Elsoldelrac, Julieta Gil, Sebastián Gonzales de Gortari, Abraham Gonzáles Pacheco, Cristobal Gracia, Madeline Jimenez, Enrique López Llamas, Morgan Mandalay, Richard Mendtorr, Irak Morales, Jazael Olguín Zapata, Diego Ramírez, Marisa Raygoza, SANGREE, Israel Urmeer, Lucía Vidales, Tatyana Zambrano

The Popocatépetl mourns: enraged explodes its boiling and smoking liquid claws on your long fields of oil, silicon and corn. Demanding an answer, it roars to your mountainous face, but your languid lips made of mud can scarcely leave your profound weeping. His body, broken and self- sacrificing, bursts one last time to open a way to the depths of your own colonial terror.
Deslave is pleased to present "Terror en lo Profundo" for Human Resources LA, an exhibition comprised of the work of 23 artists who, from humor, horror and fiction, formulate strategies that critically analyze the ravages of colonizing mechanisms, both in the past and in the present, soft or violent, of submission or seduction.

The exhibition is composed of paintings and drawings that dialogue —or oppose— to the legacies of Western art; sculptural objects that transit between the simulation and the document in relation to pre-Hispanic or religious events; video works that use staging to recreate, re-imagine or deconstruct historical or mythological events; and a series of conceptual practices that analyze the political crossroads between cultural tradition and territoriality.