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Currently curating: Octava Bienal Miradas
Pare de sufrir
Alida Cervantes

08/30/18 – 09/30/18

For Pare de sufrir, Alida Cervantes approaches the history of religious portraiture to reflect how race and gender have been structured from and within art. It maintains a dialogue — and confrontation— with the religious work made by Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán, a devout Catholic frequently commissioned by kings and monasteries during the 17th century.

Alida Cervantes’ own saints are as unsettling as they are humorous, and exuberant as they are violent. In a contraposition to the paintings of Zurbarán —who represented saints in a state of shame, punishment and martyrdom—

Cervantes shows a group of women with different personalities in full ecstasy; some carnivalesque, others noble and modest, and even some of sinister intentions, all maintain an interchanged desire between the erotic and the sentimental.
The new saints of Cervantes, now freed from their weight as icons and in a sexual frenzy at the thought of God, serve as characters to tell a story of the caste system deeply rooted in love. White, black and mestizo women are equally represented in an act of intimacy to each other as opposed to a religious and artistic tradition that has excluded and oppressed such narratives.