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Currently curating: Octava Bienal Miradas
Swab Art Fair 2019
Barcelona, Spain

02/06/20  – 02/09/20

Alan Sierra
Emilio Bianchic
Mauricio Muñoz

Full list of works at Artsy


For the seventh edition of Material Art Fair, Deslave will present a performatic installation in the form of a nail salon, which will be built from pieces by Emilio Bianchic (Montevideo, 1990), Alan Sierra (Hermosillo, 1990) and Mauricio Muñoz (Tijuana, 1993).
During the days of the fair, the salon will provide nail art services to the public by appointment, which will be performed by professionals in the field of beauty. Composed of a series of video works made by Bianchic, drawings in neon produced by Sierra and an installation accompanied with a performance by Muñoz, the booth is shown as a curatorial proposal where the creative boundaries between the artists and the gallery intermingle.

Loaded by strong references to popular culture and using humor as it’s main tool, this selection brings together aesthetic explorations around the self-construction of identities in both physical and digital spaces, as well as the power dynamics that govern certain queer communities.