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Currently curating: Octava Bienal Miradas
At Seventh Gallery

05/02/19  – 05/24/19

Básica TV, Hysterical Accuracy, MUXXXE

Dollhouse brings together the works of Básica TV, Hysterical Accuracy and MUXXXE, a group of artists working with the intersections between contemporary art and reality television, web series, pop music, theatre, fashion and drag culture. Through collaborative efforts with designers, audio producers, videographers and all kind of content creators, they blur the lines between their own authorship and what is considered a work of art; thus creating exciting science fiction movies, talk shows, circus performances, music videos and all the possible languages drawn from mass media.
Curated by Deslave, a project-space and curatorial duo conformed b Mauricio Muñoz and Andrew Roberts, Dollhouse proposes the work process of these creators as a way to critic and analyze the contemporary models of cultural production; heavily rooted in the exploitation of queer experiences —known as pink capitalism— and cultural appropriation, but also on how emerging technologies shape and fuel these mechanisms.