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Currently curating: Octava Bienal Miradas
Come as you are
Lucía Vidales

11/30/19 – 01/27/20

Come as you are
As you were, as I want you to be.

My work comes from imagining painting and different operations of thought that appear in it: the sign of living and dead beings, not only as the fragments that make it possible to discern fluids, limbs and desires, but their immediate transformation into phenomena of the identifiable paint such as directions, colors and accumulations. 
I am interested in its complicity with the construction of moods capable of merging the tragedy and survival of the living into something new; a world of beings from the past and present, and fictions that are linked to colonial history and its imaginary that generate monsters, apparitions and fictions whose mission lies not only in the formation of another world, but also in the comfort of their wounds . The physical weight of my work is also that of the history of these disciplines, the use of traditions in their most recognizable forms and the effort to give them relief.